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I have always enjoyed NASCAR but never really payed alot of attention to NHRA. Well, my brother talked me into attending the final day of the O'Reilley Mid-South Nationals in Memphis this past weekend and I can only say one thing: AWESOME! I was truly blown away. TV does not do these machines any justice. Just the thought of 6500 HP and 315+mph is enough to make you shudder, but to see it in person is an event definitely worth going to. If you haven't ever been to an NHRA event, I strongly recommend it if they come to your area. You will not regret it.
When I lived in Florida I went to the gatornationals in Gainsville every year, and I photographed the Pennziol Nats in Memphis for a race team, and your right AWESOME!!! 6000+ horsepower , ground shaking, nitro and rubber burning, you gotta see it in person! Nothing like it in the world!
My brother convinced me to watch the first top fuel run without earplugs. Big, big mistake. I felt like my eardrums were going to burst and my head was going to explode. Everything inside of you shakes as they rumble to the finish line.
Hey, that's how I felt about nascar too. I thought it wasn't that cool till I saw it in person. However I still love my drag racing more.
I like all kinds of motor sports. I had a 71 camaro I used to bracket race. Many years ago I was at Firebird raceway in Phoenix for a national drag race, standing near the fence about 300 feet down from the start. A top fuel dragster made it about 150 feet down the track when the front wheels lifted and it veered toward the crowd. It was already going so fast I probably didn't get two steps away from the fence when it went flying past. Thats enough adrenalin for me, I can't imagine what driving one is like!
WOW! Talk about bringing an old post back to life. Check out the date I first posted this, LOL!