New Parts!!!!!

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Ok. Well I went and purchased some new parts again and here is the breakdown.

1. RE 14916 - Racers Edge 16t Clutch Bell
2. #1985 - Traxxas Teflon 6x8x.5mm Teflon washers (for CB)
3. 8172 - Robinson Racing Nitro Double Disc Slipper Kit w/72t plastic spur
4. 8274 - Robinson Racing Nitro Supertuff 74t plastic spur for d/disc slipper kit

The Goal: One wicked low end setup! I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.

ReTread - Thanks for the Gear Ratio Chart!

One more thing, I picked up another Novak XXTra FM Synt RX and another set of CVD Boots (DYN7687)

Well the Novak is going into the Adam Drake - The last one for some reason would "catch" the tx signal but would not deliver anything to the servos. Hopefully this one works.

I like the buggies too! can't wait til I get my other 2 vehicles then I can start looking at them even more so.

Currently, going to build a SuperMaxx and waiting on the day to pass when the wife is getting me the Serpent Impact M2 (speeeeeed machine) :banana: Then it will be buggy time, 8th scale at that.
Christian are the new CVD boots much heavier then the ones that come with the CVDs? I just put mine on and those are very thin.

We expect a full detailed thread after you get that little monster fired up with the new parts. Did you get a wheelie bar, lol :p sonds like you just might need it.
CVD boots are supposedly the same as stock ones from Dyna.

And man I didnt even think about the wheelie bar lol!

Back to the LHS to spend even more $$$$$ Trinity seems to make a nice wheelie bar.

I might just make my own.
I love helping other people spend THEIR money, lol. But you will need something with all that low end torque you should have
Man, I need another job. All this neat stuff to do to my Maxx, and I'm pulling lint from my wallet. Hey, maybe I can ask my ex-wife for some of my money back!!!!!
we all need more in the wonga dept. to support our hobby,the list is endless as soon as i get all ineed i find more to get,this was only to be a winter hobby for me and it has taken over.
Hey Chris, your company hiring any IS people? You seem to have an endless supply of $$ for your hobby needs. I could always use a better job. :)
Yeah when I bought my T I was just gonna leave it stock, just something to play around with. I don't know what happened, this is not a hobby, it's an addiction, now I know how a crack head feels every time I go to the hobby shop, lol.
Did I give you my antenna mod for the DA?
All electronics, servo and antenna wires must be isolated from the graphite.
Use servo tape or thick electrical tape behind and underneath your radio. I like a padded tape; it keeps the radio above the water line :eek: and helps with shock.
the more i get chatting to nut jobs like you guys,the more i want to get and chat,then i want to get more and chat about it more,where will it end:)
nor do the posts today,you all on something today?
In still in my skivies eating toast. 9:30 am in Sunny Ca.
Great visual...
Ahhhhh Eddy. Remember you must take the good with the bad. We may be at work, and you in your jammies. But in 4 hours, I'll be outta here, and you'll still be working. And my weekend starts 3 hours earlier than yours.......LOL!!!
Nah I just have nothing better to do today, crummy weather, no new parts to put on either of my r/cs, tv sucks, etc. etc.