Sold Savage Flux HP For Sale

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Selling my Savage Flux HP. I got it in 2017 used and have since made it my own.

I'll be keeping the motor/esc that is on it as I have another use for it, but I can include the original motor/esc.

The price will be $380 shipped US vi paypal only for everything pictured (except for the motor/esc/receiver in the truck).

The esc I can include is the HPI Blur F360C which is a rebadged Castle Mamb Monster v1. It's not waterproof, but I did conformal coat the board the best I could up to the base of the heat sink, around the caps and the entire bottom.

The motor is the HPI Flux Tork 4074 2200kv. I did shave some of the fins off of it to run in another vehicle for a while and it has the wrong ends on it for the esc, but I'm pretty sure I still have them and can resolder them on before shipping if needed.

I only ever ran this system in this truck on 4S. I had changed it to a new system that was waterproof before conformal coating it. I did use the ESC briefly on 6S in my v2 revo before replacing it with a max6. The esc worked fine, but I wanted to run something with a stronger/higher voltage BEC in it.

I'll be including all the parts I have for it... a few of which are for the nitro savage, such as an old HPI composite pipe and engine mount. I have no need for either.

The parts included with the sale are:
4xLST2 threaded shocks with RC Raven springs (the top mounts on them are junk, throw them away)
4x stock LST springs and black LST springs (a bit stiffer than stock if I remember right)
Innovative RC LST shock kit for the X/Flux
Parts to repair the shocks, ends, o-rings, spring cups, pivot bushings, shock cap/cartridge holder, etc.
- the shocks are fine, I just had bought spare parts in case I needed them, but I never installed them with the proper IRC kit, so they were mostly unused.
1 new skid/bumper, 1 used skid/bumper
1 new in package HPI wheelie bar
6 or 8 sets of c-hubs/axle carriers
6 or 8 of stock arms, new or take offs
1 full set of used RPM arms (don't use with a 4 shock setup, they flex too much and break shock ends)
various body mounts
1 spare roll bar handle
1 full diff case/bulkhead, few bits of bulkheads
the original transmission with the RC4ME input shaft as I used the original input shaft with the rc4me transmission which is installed and has a center diff with 750K oil in it. Could have dropped to 500K or less for 6S use, but I never got around to it.
Original 44T steel spur
RRP 47T steel spur
Various other plastic spurs, few 47T and a 49 I believe, was used on my nitro at one point.
NIP adjustable upper arms
NIP ball end sheet
Some NIP big bore shock parts, top caps, shock ends, bladders, probably a shock shaft or two. The truck has plastic big bores on it.
Original shock springs, truck has stiffer ones on it.
2 OEM motor mount clamps (one installed, one not installed)
1 Integy motor mount clamp unmodified, 1 modified to work with a larger castle finned motor (installed)
4 super HD outer bones, used.
2 NIP super HD extended axle shafts
2 or 3 OEM hinge pin braces
1 NIP FLM hinge pin brace (1 installed in the front)
2 custom delrin shock towers for 1/8th buggy shocks. These were made by a guy many years ago for the pre-x savage.
Full set of used performance suspension kit. I didn't care for it and replaced it all with stock parts.
Many center axle dog bones and cups
1 NIP set of machined BP ring/pinion
1 new take off sintered BP diff with alloy cup
1 new take off BP pinion
4 aftermarket diff gaskets
4 original SHD short axle shafts/cups (this was/is a flux HP, not flux XL which was wider)
Full set of battery box holders

The truck itself has the following:
48T RRP spur (I ran with 16T pinion with a 2200kv 4074 motor on 6S)
Big Bore plastic shocks with 40wt, yellow springs in the rear, white in the front (both stiffer than stock)
Proline trencher 3.8's that are wrapped (and were balanced) to avoid blowing off the rims on 6S.
Integy rear axle carriers to do away with the turnbuckles/axle carriers/c-hubs in the rear.
5mm hardened bolts for the hinge pins on the c-hubs/axle carriers (preferred lock nuts vs c-clips)
Modified 17mm hubs on the XL wide axles (stronger/better than the OEM 17mm hex's and flange nuts)
t-bone rear skid/wheelie barReplaced the upper shock bolts with unthreaded pins.
JR 7955TG steering servo
1800uf x 6 Cap Pack I made to combat voltage ripple, worked really well on the esc I used (MMX)
L-bracket with 30mm alloy framed fan for the motor
Angle iron used for the upper battery box supports. Broke those early on and couldn't find alloy replacements. New OEM ones are included in the parts, but I never saw the point of putting them on.

The body has some use, but it's not horrible... yet. I bought the body new a few years ago and didn't drive the truck much after. One of the axles is broken where it's threaded, but with the modified hubs I have on the XL shafts, it's not used anyway. 2 new ones are included in the parts.

Any questions, ask. I'm not likely to come down on the price as it's not hurting me to have it sit on the shelf. I'm using whatever I make to replace it with a maxx 4s as it will suit my needs better.

The truck:



The parts:



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