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No, but it will change the cooling properties and you may have to re-adjust your needle settings.
Changing the needle properties is easy I was just dreading 1 tanks of fuel for another break in period.
Cool beans. Mine is getting pretty scratched and gouged up from making a few too many midair mistakes.

While I am on ths subject of heads, do they make a head saver that is designed to get beat up instead of your head, zip ties don't work as well as Sky made me believe they would.

If not I'll probably get an 4 Runner type of body to protect the top of the engine when I put my T-Maxx on it's top.
Depending on the head you have will determine whether or not you can get a head protector of sorts. Some are caps the cover the top of the head while others just cover the glo plug area but come above the head about 1/8th of an inch. If you ask me, they only protect it from scratches. Zip ties work enough to prevent uneeded damage but are minor in their effectiveness. This is what I do.

The best protection you can offer a head is a roll cage of some sort. Smaller, lighter, 3 point bars are nice and protect just the engine area and some of the spur. A full cage is your best bet. Especially for the type of driving you do.

And dont forget, if you upgrade to a bigger head (as most of your good ones are huge) then you will have that much more exposure to damage.
That's the problem, I upgraded engines and now the head sticks up further than the stock one which was mostly protected by the body. Would you suggest getting body that's high in the rear for my t to provide additional protection?
The way you drive???? Hehehehe..... Anything to protect it is good. The only problem to covering it with a shell is the heat factor. You almost want to run naked. I snapped a few body posts when I raised mine up. So I just went with the cage.

Today I put a few good dings in my head and I had the body on well. Problem was, I left the cage at home! Bad move on my part but all is well (so I think)

Its a tough situation. You can only do so much.
Here's how I have it setup right now:




So if I ended up getting a full rear body I could cut this much or more out of it so that the entire top is almost gone except for the body posts area for strength. With a setup like I described the only thing that would scratch the head would be something that came in through the opening on the top. Would this be sufficient air?
What position are the body posts in now? Fully down, half down, 3/4 way up?

Your window cutouts probaly help a lot on the intake of the air so flow should be now prob. Just keep in mind, the smaller the opening in the rear, the less flow.

It looks like your head isnt really taking 'impact' straight to the ground. More so on rocks etc. I was looking for bent fins hehehe.... I would look into a 3 point bar. Not matter what, when that body gives, your head is prone to big damage. Like snapping off.

I've seen 3 snapped heads and one cracked block in the past month alone. MESS!

Its all in your driving too. Most track runners never run a cage. But bashers love em!

Hey, I never noticed until not that I still have 1 zip tie left out of the 5 that wew on there originally. Guess that part has been lucky.
Hey...I didn't say that the zip ties would completely protect your head...I said it would keep the head relatively safe from minor the occasional flip...not the sommersaults you like to do...Besides with only two out of five remaining...exactly how much protection do you think the nonexistant zip ties were going to afford you...

Back to the question at hand...they do make heads with skid plates attached, and they do make aftermarket skids for the top of the head. If you are only interested in scratch protection, they will work. If you are more interested in structural protection of the head and engine, then go with a roll cage/bar of some sort. There are several out there.
Probably the roll cage but since the head is exposed so much I'll have to probably get a full body.
Not really, they make a few three point roll bars and some pretty good partial cages just for the engine area...of course you could always get the CJ roll cage which will help keep the body in its shape and protect the internals as well...including a large head
Yeah but the back of the head is not protected with the body design. which is why I am looking for a Cherokee.
Gotcha...might try the military humvee body that proline could paint it up like one from the motor pool...then the CAPT and 1st Sgt couldn't give you any lip about driving it on your own time...
I bashed the head on my hyper while popping wheelies naked.I rubbed down my head and polished it to a high shine,the urban humvee saves the head well but please dont dis my funky shell it turned out a little on the hippy side man.

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Man I knew you used to be a hippy!

Nice head - how effective was it?
Well i got all the scratches out and it looks good plus it doesn't scratch as easily now.I think it gets rid of heat a little better now,p.s dont polish the head on your shoulders it hurts and doesn't help with heat loss:banana:
I don't think I even want to know why you attempted to polish the head on your shoulders...looking for a new shiny outlook on things...:D

I was thinking of doing the same to my Fantom's head which has a few scratches. Glad to see that someone else did it first and it worked.

BTW MO, nice body...flower power baby! :banana:

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