New crawler, 1/18

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* 4WD and 4-wheel steering
* 14.4V electronic speed control
* 2 high-torque 380 crawler motors for extreme bottom end power
* 2 servos, one for each axle protected by heavy duty bumpers
* Maximum ground clearance
* 4 independently mounted oil-filled shocks
* Special soft compound rock crawling tires for maximum traction
* Chrome spoke wheels with standard 12mm hex
* Decaled and cut out 4-colour painted crawler bodyshell in airbrush design with chrome- metallic effect.
* Specially developed Drivetrain
* 2 locked differentials for maximum power transfer
* Aluminium frame with blue anodised vertical chassis plates




I got in your recliner.
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Bashing, Racing
I want someone to make a like 1/32 scale crawler lol, be sweet!!!

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