New 2.5 Pipe

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X, thats not a 2.5, notice the side exhaust header, just upside down. Its a new design for that dual exhaust thing that everyone has been hockin on e-bay for the old T. I don't like them at all, first that upside down header is an invitation to problems, and I dont think with that design it will properly pressurize the fuel tank.
Looks like something you'd find under your sink.:p
opps my bad I don't know what I was thinking I saw in ebay where it said in bid Letter NEW Desgin and I was just thinking 2.5 anyway it was early thanks for the clarification NC. X
Looks like JUNK to me.
Total CRAP! Want to make your TMaxx run like ass? Buy one! They SUCK!
Originally posted by Çh®i§tiªñ
Total CRAP! Want to make your TMaxx run like ass? Buy one! They SUCK!

Any more thoughts on the pipe Christian???
lol - yeah, DONT GET IT! Unless you have a 'display only' Maxx. Everyone and anyone who I know and even dont know, that has purchased one of these pipes, has tried desperately to pawn it off on someone else. For looks its great. For performance, they roach.

Who knows, MAYBE, and thats a big maybe, they have improved it?!?!?! The thought process is this:

If that pipe style was effective, EVERYONE, would be making them. Paris, AE, CEN, DuraTrax, Traxxas etc etc etc.......

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