MP9e EVO V2 RTR question

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I am getting into Offroad buggies. I prefer all things nitro, but I want to be able to practice locally and the only tracks that run nitro are 2+ hours away. I bought the MP9 TKI4 V2 nitro readyset so I could spend time burning laps and learning to drive rather than build, I can build a top-notch kit later after I'm pushing everything the readyset has to offer.

Now I want an electric setup because there's a track much closer that I can practice/race at, but it's electric-only. I was thinking of getting the MP9e EVO V2 since it's basically the same car as the nitro but in electric form, and I'm already familiar with the nitro version. However, I already have a radio and extra receiver which would be redundant if I bought the MP9e readyset. So really, what I'm getting in the readyset is the motor, the esc, and the steering servo. I still have to buy a battery and charger either way, readyset or kit. The question is, if the motor/esc combo were ever to be upgraded, what would be a competition-level combo that would work well in this car, and what would the price be roughly? I'm just trying to gauge spending $550 on something that, if I were to upgrade the motor and esc, would really only be gaining me a steering servo, vs buying a kit and then buying the rest of the electrics to complete it.

The readyset is probably plenty for me at this stage of the game, but at $550 for the readyset, it's only $130 more for the MP10 kit. IF I entertained upgrading the motor and esc in the readyset, then $130 bucks more for the MP10 starts to sound like chump change and I should probably go the kit route.

Looking for thoughts from those more experienced than myself.