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if you can't hold it for more than 3 seconds it's time to cool down. I use a air bed blower to cool down between races.

James nichols

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Unfortunately I'd have to use private areas to do that lol. I've got a bunch of nerve damage throughout my body and don't have feeling so that method wont work. I use a temp gun to judge heat so om looking for actual temperatures


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Where you least expect me
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The ESC should shut down at around 200 so a safe temp would be below that if I used a temp gun I'd shutdown at 165 for elec. If your running hot you may consider dropping 2 teeth in your pinion gear. and please for all involved DON'T use private parts on the track;)


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What is safe motor temp? When should I let it cool before running again?
I’ve got a temp checker I used for nitro rc, I think around 60•c is about the highest you want to be at you could try Gearing down May help ? I've just procured a Losi scbe last time I bought and sold it it had the dynamite fuse motor which got hot. I bought this as a roller and shoved a surpass hobby 4300, but it whipping the Arse out of the battery run time running 16t pinion I gone down to 14t it seems to running a bit longer. And cooler .

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If you're talking about the motor, 160 is safe. Fans are available to mount to many trucks.
But make sure it doesn't slide down and start rubbing against your center driveshaft, that'll scratch it up and make it overheat faster. It happened to me


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I think 180F is the upper limit and you don't want to be there long as it damages the magnets. I have mine geared and with fans to stay below 160F most of the time even when it's 80F outside and I'm running it hard. I use a temp gun to keep an eye on them.

I got one of these not to long ago as the one I have been using is 15+ years old that I got from Radio Shack for $60.

The old one I have:

James nichols

RCNT Basher
I also use a temp gun. I read it after every battery to gauge where it's at. At about 150 I start watching it closely. At 165-170 I shut it down for a bit to cool off

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