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James nichols

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Unfortunately I'd have to use private areas to do that lol. I've got a bunch of nerve damage throughout my body and don't have feeling so that method wont work. I use a temp gun to judge heat so om looking for actual temperatures


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The ESC should shut down at around 200 so a safe temp would be below that if I used a temp gun I'd shutdown at 165 for elec. If your running hot you may consider dropping 2 teeth in your pinion gear. and please for all involved DON'T use private parts on the track;)


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What is safe motor temp? When should I let it cool before running again?
I’ve got a temp checker I used for nitro rc, I think around 60•c is about the highest you want to be at you could try Gearing down May help ? I've just procured a Losi scbe last time I bought and sold it it had the dynamite fuse motor which got hot. I bought this as a roller and shoved a surpass hobby 4300, but it whipping the Arse out of the battery run time running 16t pinion I gone down to 14t it seems to running a bit longer. And cooler .
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