Just a quick gearing tip

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Hey hope your having a good day just wanted to share a quick gearing tip,
If you wanted to get more speed, you could 1) increase the pinion gear's tooth count and 2) lower the spur gear's tooth count. Both of these options will decrease the low-end power of the truck while simultaneously increasing the overall top speed. Conversely, if you wanted to gain more power, or you could 1) decrease the pinion gear's tooth count or 2) increase the spur gear's tooth count.
So in a more understandable way (more speed, Big Pinion, Small Spur) (more power, Smaller Pinion, Bigger Spur).
So if you want faster, the gears should be closer together (in tooth size) But if you want more power, the gears should be farther apart (in tooth size) Examples Below.
(More Speed), 32t Pinion, 76t Spur (More Power) 12t Pinion, 90t Spur, these are just some examples, Also make sure you dont go to big or this could result in burning out your motor so be careful.
Hope this helps anyone with there gearing problems

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