Jeep CJ8 Paintjob

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Check out the Pro-line Jeep CJ8 I just painted for RGFarm


  • camo jeep 1 400.jpg
    camo jeep 1 400.jpg
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Clockwork! :angry:

Looks really cool beans. One word of warning that I learned the hard way fron using the CJ body. The side windows and the space below the roll cage are not wist to cut out completely unless you have a CJ roll cage under it. If you roll it a few times these tend to break quite easily as I have found.
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I love it! can't wait to see the losi body keep up the good work
I have been using my other CJ8 for a while, what I did was cut only enough of the side windows out to access the fuel tank without removing the body. I also dont remove the entire rear window either, just a square portion above the head with rounded corners to prevent it from cracking there. The only problem I have had with mine is where the rollbars meet the body, from a bad landing or two it has buckled there and the plastic wheel well split where it meets the body,no roof problems at all yet.
Originally posted by El Pirata
Clockwork! :angry:

Dude you're killing me with this...I am truly ROFLMAO...

Nice body. I like the camo' and the colors you chose. It is almost too pretty to run...a couple of bash sessions and it won't look so nice. Do take care of it.
Yet another good NC body. Keep it up. The better our bodies look, the more people will watch. And that's what it's all about.
RGFarm, enjoy it!
Wow. Sharp truck.

Window tip:
Use a whole saw on your drill and make round holes. The round holes will not weaken the integrity of the body near as mush as simply cutting the windows out.

It works, really…
Haha, thats PHAT, how long did it take you to paint?
I would have to say it took me well over 15 hours to paint it. With all the masking, painting and unmasking, it truly was a royal pain in the butt! Much more difficult than I had anticipated.
Well, well, well......Looks like Mr. Pretty truck strikes again! :cool:

Dude, that looks like your best yet. Very nice job.

That deserves a banana!:banana:
Thanks Fett, too bad I won't be bashing with it, it's already on its way to Kansas, to RGFarm. I just finished a xxxnt body for Divine that I will be bringing to him on Labor Day at the bash. Now that everyone elses bodies are done I need to do one for me now.
Good job, I don't think i'd have the patience to make a body like that
nice paint job hope ya have fun wit your new body !
Its Here yepppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I got it in the mail today!!! Check it out in its new home!!!!!!!!!!!


NCNITRO (Joe) YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If any of you are like me and Can make a welder or a socket wrench sing a beautiful song but a air brush sound like dieing dog then just have Joe paint ya a body!!!!!!!!!! You can see the GREAT WORK HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres To JOE :banana: :banana:
Hey RGFARM ( Robert ), I am glad you got it and you like it. It looks great on your truck, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for the compliments. Good to see you back here again too! Anytime you need a body painted just let me know buddy.
No problem Dude LIKE IT MAN I LOVE IT!! was putting on the decals and the Wife said STOP dont ruin it!!!!! ROFL as for another body I have a 99 TJ that would look sweet painted like this one;) You Intrested??????? lol Thanks again Buddy
Anytime, it was a pleasure dealing with someone like you. As far as for the 99......I don't think so, lol. With the hours I have in that 1:10 forget it. I have a 90 Wrangler, ya gotta love Jeeps! 1:1 and 1:10. I want to see after bashin' pics, get it dirty man! :D Check out the pic of my 1:1 Wrangler.


  • jeep on brp 400.jpg
    jeep on brp 400.jpg
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wish I was that good
last body I painted
ended up just
a blob of color.
It looked bad
Swweeeeeeeetttttttt Jeep bud. Do ya do much wheeling? What kinda light bar is that? Here is my 1:1 its a 99 TJ 3in Terraflex 33 in BFG MT's Mile marker 10500 lb winch custom made bumpers(made by me:) )more mods but I wount go into them. I'm gunna do some bashing later today Maybe you'll see them pics sooner than you


Maxxcrazy It just so happens I know a great guy that does really great paint jobs:D If ya want I bet he would paint one up for ya.

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