Is this Team Associated B64.1 worth it?

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Yea. Should be fine. A bit outdated but should be able to keep up with current models. It's associated so parts should still be available
I don't know much about AE cars, but I would try to find out if the B74 parts are forward compatible, if there's no part support for a discontinued car, then it would not be very useful for club racing if you can't make any repairs :(

If there is still solid parts support then there's nothing wrong with running a dated platform in the wheeler class for a sportsman driver, once you start getting competitive then I would only run the latest release.
well you have a pretty nice array of racing rigs yourself......
I'm still wanting the following
2wd buggy
4wd sct
ST stadium truck
Mini truggy
8th scale buggy or truggy
Arrma basher that is actually reliable
Mini Z
Drag racer
I want everything. Well not at the same time but I wanna do everything at some point