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One day, a guy & his pet duck were going for a walk. The guy decided he'd like to see a movie as they were passing by a theater and went up to the ticket counter.

The lady behind the counter looked at the duck, and explained, "There are no pets allowed in the theater."

The guy, still wanting to see the movie, went around the corner & put the duck in his pants. He again went to another counter, bought the ticket & found a seat. He then unzipped his pants & let the duck's head out for air. The lights dimmed & two elderly ladies who came in late sat next to the man.

The woman right next to him, poked her friend and said, "Gertie, I think the guy next to me is exposing himself."

The other woman looked at her friend puzzled, "Nora, haven't you seen enough of those in your day?"

She looked at the guy again & back at her friend.

"Yeah, but this one's eating my popcorn."