I want this Truck!!!!

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This is what you want. Tamiya.

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now that is cool, but it must be electric, it's inside. Also i wanted to say, be careful with that nitro truck, you might have overheating problems. Because the mil doesn't look like it gets very much air flow.


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That's the first thing I thought about. I wouldn't want a nitro engine unless it was a 1/10 or 1/8 scale truck that could stay stable at higher speeds.
The Tamiyas are scaled to perfection, with added lights and sound effects.
Do a search here and you'll find FastEddy's build thread for his.
One of these is definitely on my wish list.

Links added....

Tamiya info in RCUniverse ad...

FastEddy's build thread:
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They had a thing at a nascar event. It was those and the ie road truckers theme. They had a lil ice track set up and stuff. It looked cool, it was in RC Driver.


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yeah the electric tamiya.. thats freakin sweet!!!!!! lights and sounds oh my!!
...if i had the cash... but i'd rather have a new truggy.......

can we all say recovery vehicle???? lol to build a wrecker electric powered to take to the tracks....

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