Halloween 2021

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Last night I didn't dress up. Just helped pass out candy. Each year we get less and less people. And we still have 2 bags of candy left. I had the slash out last night driving around. I taped a flash light to the body. I also have the stock rustler tires on the slash cause they are wider so I can get through the grass more and not flip as much.

Next upgrades for rustler:
Pins and E clips for steering into caster block and pins for front bulkhead
Metal Gear, Waterproof servo
New body - Jconcepts 2012 SIlverado 1500
Offroad tires - Traxxas Talons from the rustler 4x4 (still keeping the Anacondas for street)
LED bar or kit
Aluminum rear axle carriers

Next upgrades for slash:
Tires - Duratrax lockups
ProLine Body mounts
New body - Proline 19 Silverado Trail Boss
LED bar or kit
Aluminum Caster, Steering blocks and axle carriers
14t pinion for the bigger tires
Blue camber and toe links

slash halloween 2021.jpg