Getting some new parts/ question about servos and servo horns

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I'm going to get some new parts for my slash mostly. Since I have the RPM steering hubs I am getting the RPM caster and Rear hubs. I am also getting a bearing kit because I still have the stock bearings in there since I got it. I believe it came with bearings stock instead of the bushings that my rustler had. I am also getting the RPM bumper mount cause the traxxas one, the clips always comes off and makes the bumper loose. Getting some blue aluminum 12mm hex hubs cause the stock plastic ones I have a tough time with them. With these aluminum ones they come with a 1.5mm grub screw to screw in and lock the pin in place. I also have these same ones on my rustler. Also getting RPM shock towers and new Traxxas rod ends. And now the question about servos. In my slash right now I am running the traxxas 2075r servo with metal gears. Since I am getting into racing I would need a metal gear and high torque servo. The traxxas one I have in there is slow. In my rustler I am running a cheap 20kg metal gear and waterproof servo. Once that servo dies I will get the same one I will get for the slash. Also looking for something that is water proof because I plan to race it indoor carpet and still bash it outside. I made a post about servo horns but I can't find it. I went through 2 traxxas servo horns on my rustler. On my slash I am running a TLR 25t servo arm that my uncle had laying around. I got that same servo arm for my rustler and when I installed it the screw to hold the servo arm to the turn buckle - I forced in and I stripped it. I'm going to get it out someway. Or I was just installing it wrong. Also about shocks. Because of all of the jumps I had 2 shocks leak on me. I'm thinking about getting pro line shocks (which is 70 dollars just for 2) or the traxxas gtr shocks. I heard with the gtr shocks you need to change out the rod end where it goes into the arm in the front so that's why I am getting rod ends. And then after all of this I am going to look into brushless systems and transponders. I keep hearing my stock brushed motors saying "help me!!!"

The parts i am getting:
rpm bumper/wheelie bar mount- slash
bearing kit for slash
blue aluminum 12mm hex hubs - slash
rpm rear hubs for slash
rpm caster blocks for slash
rpm front shock tower for both cars
rpm rear shock tower for both cars
atomik rc blue aluminum rear hubs for rustler
traxxas rod ends with balls
On the slash I am going with some RPM stuff. On the rustler I have aluminum steering hubs and caster blocks so I will do the same with the rear hubs.
I also heard that some of the savox servos are good for racing. Also going to try out different shock oils to see what goes for me on the track. Also going to try differnt carpet tires and compounds.
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My budget is 50-80 dollars. That one fits in my budget and looks like it is a good one. i will keep it on my list.
I had been looking into crawlers. Even though there is no place to go crawling at around me. I had been looking into the axial scx24/scx10 and the TRX4 sport or the TRX4 sport kit that I can build. The thing about the scx24 - It will be perfect for in the house. I can crawl over books and stuff.