Finally..My RS4 3 Stratus

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As I had said in a previous post, I had finally beaten my airbrush into submission. And this is the result. I laid the paint 3 months ago. Finally borrowed a digital camera to get it online. All the masks were hand drawn and hand cut. I used all Faskolor paint. The back is simply FasBlack. It fades into Fasescent Purple. The flames are the standard Fasescent Orange and Yellow and then FasWhite.


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Hey Candyman real nice job on the paint :D who's white is that, is that the parma faswhite? I am working on two bodies and I need white for one of them, and I want a pure bright white for it. Again nice job :banana:
Thanks. It's my first airbrush job. Learned a lot. Like those cans of propellant suck! But I don't have the scratch for a compressor yet.
It is the Parma Faskolor FasWhite. It does come out real white. Much like the Alclad Chrome, it looks real thin for the first couple of coats. But if you lay it thin and just be patient, it really does glow when it's done.
Cool, I am in the same boat as you as far as the scratch for a airbrush compessor (we would both probably be able to get a compressor if we would stop dumping all our money in our RCs, lol. Anyway all my paintjobs on here were done with propellant cans, the trick is leave em in the sun for a while first and shake em up. I really like that alclad chrome, but it is tough to work with, like you said if your patient and lay down a bunch of light coats it really looks sweet. Well I am gonna get some of that white this weekend, thanks.
No problem. Happy to help. My trick with the propellant is to keep them in a bath of room-temp water. That keeps the cans from icing up while you're using them. Keeps a nice pressure. That's what I had to beat into submission to get that body done. Now I've figured it out. Just waiting for inspiration for my Maxx body. Thinking of a ProLine F-350, but can't think of what to do with it. I was thinking of hitting it with Dupli-Color Mirage. That color shifting stuff looks good under polycarbonate. I met a guy once who did his Jug 2 body with PPG Illusion. It was sweet. And it went on so thin that it wouldn't chip.
Well when you get it done make sure put up some pics. I have not tried any of the colorshift paint yet but I would really like to. If you want to get "inspired" do a search for car shows, like super chevy, you can get some great paint ideas from there. I am getting ready to do two bodies, unfortunately they are not for me, one is for Divines xxxnt and the other is a Jeep for RGFarm. when I am done with those I want to do a show body for my T that will have side view mirrors, light kit, working lights, etc. a pro-line Jeep, I have already done one to match my 1:1 Jeep now I want to do a show Jeep body to match it even closer.