Fantoms new pipe???

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Has anybody tried out the new Fantom pipe, if you have let me know what you think of it I'm thinking of giving it a try.


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Ok I got one today it is heavier then a cvec pipe, its all steel the welds look ok a little rough on the edges those. It has that one off look you see on dirt bike pipes at the races. Ill let you know how well it works later this week.


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Ok Iv run 6 tanks with this pipe now so I'm ready to give my impressions on it. The new Fantom pipe makes good low end power the mid range is good but the top end is just a little flat, anyone who looks at this pipe and the way its shaped will know this before they by it. Ill give this pipe 8 out of 10 points:) After I run some more fuel Ill see if it stays or if I go back to my cvec pipe. Oh yeah one more thing it has a heavier sound to it then other pipes Iv run, you will just have to hear it to know what I'm talking about. And the pipe was tested with a cvec rear exhaust header and a motor-saver air filter. Oh and FastEddy patience is a virtue:)


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heavier and not as good top end,sounds off putting,especially if he will go back to the cvec,which a lot of people do not rate.

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