ECX Boost Review

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Speedy Wolf

RCNT Basher
Huntsville, AL
RC Driving Style
Bashing, Racing
So, the ECX boost was my first car, and I drive that thing like crazy. One of the best things about the boost was it's durability. I drove it down a sewer drain 3 times, stepped on it, and used it as a ramp to launch my dad's Fury on to it's back. The front fender is amazing. I've run the car into a steel rebar at full speed, backed up, and kept driving.

The one problem I've had is the wires that connect to the motor. They have disconnected from the motor about 5 times, and leave it so you only have steering control. I've never broken anything except for this one problem.

You can also modify it with nothing but a screwdriver. The shocks have multiple mounts, and you can increase the steering as well. I have mine maxed out, I can tell you that once you take it apart you pretty much figure out how everything works.

It's not very fast in a straight line (Especially grass), but accelerates quickly. On a dirt track it does very well. It jumps fantastically, and can handle sharp turns. The tires will wear quickly on pavement, but they are really good for dirt.

I think it's a great first car and would recommend it as a first car for anyone. It think it really gets you into the hobby because it's faster than what your used to (if your new) but leaves you wanting for more. For 160$ I think its worth the money.
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