Do u have to use throttle control to run 6s on the erevo 2.0

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Hi there I'm looking at buying a erevo 2.0 sometime and just wandering do u have to roll on the throttle to avoid driveline failures when running 6s
Why is that is it because you will crash or because It will break driveline parts when punching the throttle
So do u have to have a light trigger finger to run 6s on the erevo 2.0
unless i am having some serious deja vu, I'm pretty sure this same exact question was asked a few months/up to a year back with the same responses, and the guy was doing this on other forums as well (traxxas and iirc. rcu, and i think even the Arrma forums) i can't recall the exact thread title. but it was the same thing over and over again. much like the companies going out of business that @Rolex posted in a bit ago...

and unless I'm mistaken, this is for the same car, and word for word the response back from the thread starter.
@Brushlessdude19 please respond with something that can confirm you are actually out to get real information.
So do u have to have a light trigger finger to run 6s on the erevo 2.0
Short answer, no.

If you want it to last more than a pack, then yes.

The ERBEv2 has been upgraded to withstand more abuse and is running similar diffs/outer axles to 1/8th scale, but even those break when abused too long. I don't just hammer the throttle on any of my RC's from a standstill. I have a savage flux hp which I run 6S, arrma outcast I also run 6S, stampede vxl 4x4 on 3S and a brushless revo v1 I run on 4S. I roll on the throttle regardless which one I'm driving as none of them will hold up to full power from a stand still over and over without blowing a diff or twisting an axle off. Even if I did pin it every time, it would land on it's roof. Not much fun in that either.
I know it’s been posted by the same person before but for an answer, no. The vxl 6s is such a lame esc that it’ll do the limiting for you, even if you slam it. I’m still on my original diffs.

Probably just luck though. Your guess is as good as mine ;).