Boring Trx4…

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I started this build about a month back and haven’t been doing a whole lot with it. It’s probably going to be sporadic because we’re moving in the next few weeks so bear with me. When I finish I’ll figure out how to drive it and then give it to a friend who needs it more than I do. I’d welcome your input.


Aaaaargh why do they double post 😤
That is the beauty of a TRX4. You can make it so unboring!
It's a really good platform to start with. It does everything good and you can customize/optimize to what you want to do.

I've had mine for about 3 years now and most of the electronics have been swapped. Bumpers chopped, body lowered and trimmed and lots of brass bits all around. It's very capable on the the rock but less scale than it could be.

Over all it's a great truck and Traxxas tough!

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