Associated Reflex 14t/14b

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That used to be a common way to sell parts even for 1/10 scale, hpi does that too unless they are upgrade parts, it does suck though having to spend 15$ for a single plastic bushing though lol
Definitely post some pics of the T-bone!


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Luckily someone at Horizon screwed up and tossed two packages rubber-banded together of the parts tree I ordered. Got a two-fer :D
Tbone racing bumpers arriving today. Didn't get any video last wed (kinda forgot) but two other guys will be bringing their Reflexes next wed night so I'll be sure to get some footage of something.


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Hobbytown is sending me replacement shock bodies/collars. Still can't say much for the AE "support" I received. Still can't believe they wouldn't send me literally $4 in parts.

Another little thing I have to gripe about with this vehicle is the way Associated sells replacements. I let my buddy run a few laps at the turf track the other night and he busted the right caster block when he put it in to the concrete wall at speed :dead:. Wasn't even mad though, we had a good laugh about it. :D But I can't just buy a set of caster blocks. I have to buy the entire plastic parts tree it comes on which is front casters, rear hubs, and a bunch of inserts I don't want or need... Almost every part of this car is sold on a part tree 'set" instead of individual parts. I guess I'll have spares but I'm literally spending 2x-3x as much for the one part I need. Can't say I'm a fan of this method.

Tbone just released a front and rear bumper for this as well. Just ordered a set, specially if I let him drive it again, :D:D:D
Ecx does this same thing. In the rear wheel of the 1/10 Ruckus under the hex nut is a small spacer so the hex nut doesn't bottom out before it is tight. I lost one, and I wanted to replace them and get some spare wheel hexes at the same time, but alas I can't buy just those or the hexes I have to buy this
My 1/18 Ruckus was the worst. I stripped a gear in one of the butter soft plastic diffs that it has and you can't just buy the internal gears or just a diff you have to buy an entire flipping bulkhead at $28 a pop!!!!!!
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