4wd Buggy Electronics Recommendation - RC10B74.1

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Greetings Everyone!

I'm looking for a recommendation on electronics and power train for a buggie. I'm super new, the last time I setup a car Novak and Astroflight were the sheet. I have a suggestion below, but I have no idea if it will work or not.

I was thinking about getting this (link) 550 motor which will give me some extra torque (4wd) and starting with a 2s battery to get used to the car, but then throwing in a 3s for some excitement! :) Is my thinking sound?

What motor, ESC, reciever, radio would you recommend for a 4wd buggie in grass? If you have a similar buggy, what does your setup look like?

: 99.9% chance of just farting around at home with some home made jumps with plywood. There are no tracks by me, so I'm not bound by any class rules
Turf: grass, street, and baseball field
Car: RC10B74.1 (4wd)
ESC: don't have one
Servo: don't have one
Receiver: don't have one
I put a FlySky GT5 radio system in one of my trucks and am happy with it. (About $60 on Amazon).


There are lots of ESC/Motor choices, Hobbywing gets a lot of mentions here, but for a 1/10 buggy, the 140A might be a bit more money than you really need to spend. Their 120A ESC/Motor combos are around $85 on Amazon but I'd also get their ESC programming card, (~$10) which makes it easy to fine tune the ESC.

Street and loamy dirt on the ballfield are realistic but grass will be hard on the drivetrain and difficult to get proper clearance.

For what you want, I recommend a Mini Truggy at the least and possibly a Monster Truck.

You need to get a 540 size motor in there for a wheeler and for extra torque, just make sure it's a 4 Pole motor.

This 6100KV 4pole 540 motor here is about the fastest one I know on the market:

It will pair nicely on 2S with this ESC here:

As far as radios go, I would recommend the Fly Sky NB4 which offers antennaless Rx's and a wide range of features that compare to high end radios in the $500+ range but for a fraction of the price:

I would stay away from the cheaper Fly Sky products, they didn't stand the test of time for me, but if you want to go cheap, then I recommend RadioLink, just realize you get what you pay for:
I race mine, used to race on carpet. Currently doing indoor high traction sealed clay, and outdoor dirt.
I run on 13.5 stock blinky class.
I run a Hobbywing XR10 Pro 160A legacy with a V10 G4 13.5T motor, with a Xpert 4000lv servo, and a Radiolink RC8X radio (and 4GS radio, as I have 2 main radios)

The motor you linked is too large of a can to fit in the buggy, Its a 3665 which is just a shy short of 550 SCT size can motors. and the max10 g2 140A would be again, too big for the esc tray.

For running on a dirt track, it would be fine, street, sure. But grass, no. These race buggies are meant for offroad racing tracks, not for tall grassy areas. Plus, the ride height is super low, compared to a buggy basher (Bandit or Vortex and Rustler for example)

My uncle runs a Hobbywing V3.1 ESC (discontinued) with a v10 G2 6.5T mod motor in his XB4. Same servo. And a Futaba 7PX radio system.

What Bill said is what I would go with.
PXL_20231228_002008077 (1).jpg

Thank you everyone! I'll try to see if I can get the items recommended by Bill..

Note: is there price fixing going on? Seems like AMain and Hobbytown have the same exact prices for most things.
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..The motor you linked is too large of a can to fit in the buggy, Its a 3665 which is just a shy short of 550 SCT size can motors. and the max10 g2 140A would be again, too big for the esc tray..

I now understand this comment. :) You are correct (kind of). The combo that Bill mentions above does fit into the chassis (I had to remove the ESC tray), but will not fit under the plastic body. I initially wanted a S3 compatible setup for some extra fun, but after playing with 2S, I don't see 3S in my future for this car for me.

Does someone sell a larger/taller body?

Note to self: get a smaller ESC next time. :) I need to learn how to listen better!
oh, I also learned to glue the wheel all the way around.. These little machines have MUCH more force and power then the ones of 20yrs ago! :)