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  1. LongIslandRC

    Rusty Gets A Rebuild 4

    The fiberglass chassis is gone. The MIP CVD drive shafts are swapped. The hubs are replaced with new FLM hardware. I converted the hubs to the Jato setup years ago. It limited wheel selection. He's coming along.
  2. LongIslandRC

    Rusty Gets A Rebuild

    I bought my first hobby grade RTR in 2006, the Traxxas Rustler XL10. It's been through hell and back too many times to mention. I've upgraded it many times over the years. There are actually no original pieces left on it but it still has that Rusty soul. Now he gets the thorough makeover that he...
  3. slickandskiddin

    Wheel mount swap Bandit to Rustler

    G'day! Has anyone swapped the Hex-type wheel mounts from a Rustler onto a Bandit and was it relatively easy? Thanks!
  4. A

    Brushless setup for reliable hot weather bashing?

    I have an old Rustler XL-5 that my son has become comfortable enough with that I'd like to upgrade the motor and REC to make it more interesting. I live in East Texas so it can get ridiculously hot. I'm not looking to set land speed records. A legitimate 40mph is sufficient. My primary...
  5. E

    Traxxas Rustler intermittent full throttle

    I have a traxxas rustler with a Radient esc and a 9 turn 4300kv ezrun brushless motor. I run a 2s lipo, and I am having trouble with the throttle. It wont go full speed for more than about 2 seconds at a time. I'm not sure what it is, i dont use it that much, but it would be nice for it to work...
  6. WoodiE

    Traxxas introduces new Rustler 4x4 VXL

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  7. B

    Looking for some help on my Traxxas truck.

    Hi. I'm gonna make a bullet point list of stuff I need for this Traxxas Rustler. Idk what year it is, if it's important i'll drop some pictures and maybe you guys can figure it out. Stuff needed Servo Rims&Tires Motor ESC New suspension What else should I upgrade? Leave recommendations...
  8. AlexSkalski

    Traxxas Nitro Rustler or Losi 8ight RTR?

    I am interested in purchasing a Nitro Car. I currently have an Associated SC10RS. I race at a local indoor track. I am interested in getting a Nitro, because of the challenge, sound, smell, and everything great about a Nitro. I want a buggy or on-road car that I can rip around my cul-de-sac. The...
  9. 1

    Question re: new Rustler VXL slipper clutch

    Hey all, Issue 1: I bought a Rustler VXL and I noticed, when the power is off, if I push the car it rolls for a split second, then I get a little resistance, then it rolls, then resistance, and repeat. I wasn't sure if I have the slipper too loose or too tight. I tightened it down all the way...
  10. TypeONegative

    should i get a jato 3.3 or vxl rustler

    I have 9 nitro one is a big block one 2.5 7 are the 3.3 revos one brushles revo, emaxx, tmaxx and recent bought two 3.4 losi ten ts, one is brand new and a shelf qween lol the other i run, i like the feel of the truck how it runs but with its center diff i feel like it be funner without it, it...
  11. Raiden101

    Traxxas Rustler engine trouble

    Hey all, it's been a long time since I've been on. It's nice to see so me many of the same people still here posting! But I am having some trouble with my recently acquired Rustler. I've replaced/repaired the various parts that weren't working or broken, and then I'm on to diagnosing the...
  12. Prophet216

    Nitro rustler fuel tank and cap

    I was wondering what aftermarket fuel caps will fit the rustler 75cc tank. I'd like to get a nice shiny gold one. Also was wondering what larger tanks could be fit to the truck. I'll change tank if needed, but really just want a better sealing cap than the stock one. Thanks in advance
  13. N

    Nitro Rustler Bigger Fuel Tank?

    Hey guys I was looking to expand the fuel tank on my rusty from this dinky little one it comes with. After searching all I could find was some forum posts from 2006 with broken link and parts I can't find anywhere anymore. Has anyone done a fuel tank expansion on their Rustler lately and if so...
  14. N

    Just Bought A Traxxas Nitro Rustler w/ TSM

    Hey guys been wanting to get into Nitro RC almost my whole life and I finally bit the bullet and did it! I had some questions though. After doing a lot of reading and research I saw that people were saying the Traxxas fuel was too oily and not to run it. It seemed that Byron fuel was the top...
  15. C

    Rear Tire Issues.

    I own a nitro rustler and the rear tires have been wearing so horrible ever since i first got the thing. When i apply throttle they turn into the center. I don't know how to fix this because i only know the camber adjustment. Is there a way to turn the wheels more out so they don't do this?
  16. C

    Do slipper clutches work on nitro?

    Looking at eBay at slipper clutch rebuilds and found a Slipper Clutch Eliminator, i was curious if those worked for nitro and what the opinion is of them out there. Thanks guys!
  17. C

    Gifted Nitro Rustler

    This winter my good friend gifted me his used 2wd nitro rustler because he didn't want it anymore, he said he beat it up and wasn't great at maintenance. I am a beginner at nitro RC as well this being my first ever car. He left fuel in the lines over winter, and the grey drivetrain next to the...
  18. boogyman1313

    Nitro Rustler not starting

    You all sick of me yet? LOL. Ok here we go i got this nitro rustler in a trade for a cell phone. Now i know nothing about this car or the brand i was told it needed the spur gear put on and its a go. So i put that on dumped some batteries in it and stuck the wand up the rear. The electric...
  19. smith1090t

    Purchased First RC, Traxxas Nitro Rustler w/ .15 Engine

    Hello everyone! I've been curious about rc's for a few years now, and I love working on cars, so today when I saw a ready to run nitro rc for only $120 shipped on eBay, I jumped on it. I have never had any "real" RC's, only radioscrap stuff, and that's 10 years ago. I am familiar with most if...
  20. Racer 1966

    Nitro Rustler Rebuild

    A couple of weeks ago I bought this nitro Rustler as part of a deal for a boat i liked. I really don't have any desire to keep it but I just can't bring myself to sell it with all the issues it has so I decided to clean/fix it up first. Also figured I haven't done anything of interest here for a...