CJ's Traxxas XO-1 Build

Here's my Traxxas XO-1 that i converted to current V2 2022 spec.

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General RC Information

Here's a build showcase of my Traxxas XO-1, I originally bought her as a V1 roller in July 4th 2022 off eBay from Cash4RC for $400 without body, wheels, tires or electronics.

This picture is what she looks like today

Here's a picture without her body

Back shot

Here she was when i first got her back in July 2022



Here a pic of her initial form.

Underbody pic of her initial build.

Her current setup.

(Major Update! 7\11\2024, Ever since i bought my new Arrma Felony which will be taking the Serena nameplate and all of this cars electronics next month. This XO-1 will downgraded to a HW Max 6 G1\4985 combo and i will try and make this car perform the way it needs to by making major changes coming up later this year and early next year. also new updated pictures will come soon) So stay tuned on this build and my new builds coming up.

(No ESC and Motor currently installed had a Castle MMX8s before in the top pictures but i pulled that to put in my new Arrma Felony. This car will get a Max 6 G1 ESC put in next month)

(No Motor Currently installed had a Castle 1717 1,650kv Sensored motor in the top pictures but has since been pulled out for my Arrma Felony. This car will get a HW 4985 1,650kv motor put in next month)

Traxxas 46 Tooth mod 1 Steel Spur (No pinion gear currently installed had to cut it off from the Castle motor i removed from this car)

(No Servo currently installed)

Radiolink RC8X 8 Channel 2.4Ghz transmitter

(Will be getting another Radiolink receiver soon)

x2 ZEEE 6,200Mah 120C 11.1V 3S LIPO Batteries (Will still run same batteries)

Traxxas stock wheels and tires

Traxxas 2022 XO-1 stock custom painted body in Red exterior and Black interior (Originally had a Blue V1 body)

Has Apex RC battery straps put under stock holders

Traxxas REVO\Slayer\Summit Blue rear and Silver front shock springs

Future Plans.

Perfect Pass Monster Servo

GPM aluminum bellcrank system

500k front and 200k rear diff fluid

Power Hobby Gripper wheels and Tires

If she performs well enough after these changes she will be fully rebuilt and a new Castle system put in if not she will be demoted to a street basher and i will get a Limitless V2 for speedruns.
RC Type
RC Brand
RC Model
RC Scale
1/7 Scale

Technical Specifications

Power Source
Battery Type
Motor Type
Drive System
4WD (Four-Wheel Drive)
Top Speed
60-79 mph

Additional Information

Challenges Faced
Debating on power system, Debating on selling it to buy a new 2022 XO-1, Finding the proper place to run over 100mph.
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