Spektrum DX4C, AVC technology for nearly any RC

The Spektrum DX4C transmitter and SR4210 receiver combo brings you a 2.4GHz radio with the all new DSMR equipped SRS4210 receiver with patent-pending AVC (Active Vehicle Control). The Spektrum DX4C is a 4 channel radio to operate throttle, steering, and AVC technology separately. The first two channels operate steering and throttle while the second two…

Spektrum DX3R PRO

The Spektrum DX3R PRO is packed with first-class software, including servo speed adjustment, ABS, traction control and 50-model memory! It is marine compatible and comes with four timer functions, including a rolling lap timer. When it’s time for software updates, the Spektrum DX3R PRO’s SD card (not included) functionality makes it simple.