Axial 28RR Spec 1 Engine

Axial 28RR Spec 1 Engine

The Axial 28RR Spec 1 is a .28 cubic inch big block engine featuring a machined cast aluminum heat-sink head for extra cooling, dual bushing aluminum connecting rod, true ABC chrome sleeve construction for durability, and a three needle 9.0mm slide carburetor (including 8.0 & 8.5mm optional venturis) with a composite body for better performance at higher temperatures.

The carburetor on the Axial 28RR features a factory re-set line on the high speed needle, and flush needles making re-setting, to baseline factory specifications, quick and easy. There is also an optional Axial Turbo Button head available.

The Axial 28RR Spec 1 is a direct bolt-in replacement engine for any .21+ engine mount, and will accept most after-market shaft drive starting systems.

Axial 28RR Features:

  • Lower CG engine head with increased cooling capacity
  • True ABC construction
  • Standard button head (optional turbo head available)
  • Pull start – no starter box or roto-start needed (optional bumpstart back plate or roto-start backplate available)

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