Proline Racing Car Jack

Proline Racing Car Jack - 3242

When you're looking to customize your pit space even further, or simply need a light weight, durable solution to that bulky car stand, then check out the all-new Car Jack lexan car stand from Pro-Line

Proline-Racing Car Jack Features:

  • Light weight: The use of lexan material is super light weight making your race bag that much lighter than aluminum stands
  • Durable: .060 lexan makes the stand super tough. Adhesive-backed foam is also used for an anti-skid surface on the top and bottom of the stand.
  • Customizable: Paint your one favorite color or match the paint scheme on your car, you choose. A number plate style decal is also included to show off your favorite manufactures or sponsors.
  • Easy to use: simply paint, decal up, and your ready to go.

Part #: 3242-00
MSRP: $15.00

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