Xpert R/C WR waterproof servos

xpert wr servo wr 7701

If you're looking for a servo upgrade, you really need to take a look at these new Xpert RC WR servo's! Xpert RC has designed their WR servo line to provide the same torque and speed as other top of the line servo's with the ability to handle 1/10th scale crawlers all the way up to 1/5th scale RC's – all the while be under water!

xpert wr servo gears

Xpert WR Series Servo Features

  • Waterproof case design
  • Advanced Firmware – no buzzing sounds
  • Slow idle to neutral
  • Precision response and control
  • Lower operating temperature
  • High Amp and High Temperature protection features
  • Specially hardened metal gears
  • High voltage (6.0v to 8.4v) and Low Voltage (4.8v to 6.6v) units
  • IP67 rated and SGS certification in process

Xpert WR Series Specs


  • 204.31 oz-in and .106 sec/60° at 4.8v
  • 255.39 oz-in and .085 sec/60° at 6v
  • 280.93 oz-in and .077 sec/60° at 6.6v


  • 257.75 oz-in and .154 sec/60° at 6v
  • 317.99 oz-in and .125 sec/60° at 7.4v
  • 360.88 oz-in and .118 sec/60° at 8.4v


  • 307.3 oz-in and .196 sec/60° at 6v
  • 379.06 oz-in and .158 sec/60° at 7.4v
  • 485.8 oz-in and .126 sec/60° at 8.4v

Available: Oct 13th, 2014.

Check out Xpert RC on their facebook page and see their new WR series servo's running under water.