Traxxas 7.2volt Villain

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Traxxas Villain

The new Villain from Traxxas is the next generation of this best-selling, 7.2-volt, deep-V off-shore racer. The Villain is powered by the all-new XL-10 Marine water-cooled electronic speed control. It features 3 drive profiles, reverse, one-button setup, and thermal shutdown protection. It’s housed along with the other electronics in a sealed radio box for trouble free, all-day running.

Dual Stinger 540 modified motors, combined with dual steerable outdrives and hi-performance counter-rotating props, give the Villain extra punch, stability, and impressive top speed. The proven 31-inch deep-V hull slices through rough water that leaves hydros parked at the dock. The Traxxas Villain is so feature-packed with power, performance, and fun, that it’s hard to believe how affordable it is. Plus, it delivers long run times from a single, economical 7.2V battery pack. The Villain is fully assembled and Ready-To-Race, so it’s ready to launch just minutes out of the box for fun R/C boating action.

Available at hobby stores everywhere, April 2005!

Part #: 1506 – Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race with TQ Transmitter

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