Tempgun.com MINI temp Review

The Reviewed: TempGun.com PE-1 Mini Temp

The Specs:
Range (-27.4°F to 356 °F) switchable to Celsius (-33°C to 180 °C)
Thermocouple Range N/A
Resolution 0.5°F / 0.2°C
Response Time 1 second
Accuracy ±2.5°
Field of View (D:S Ratio) 1:1
Modes Fahrenheit and Celsius
Emissivity 0.95 default
Battery Life 30 hours continuous use
Battery Two LR44 1.5v
Display LCD
Dimensions 88mm long x 18mm diameter
Weight 20 grams
Special Features Real Small, Wrist Strap and Belt Clip
Auto Off 15 seconds
Ambient Operating Range N/A
Warranty 1 Year

The Up's:
-Size, Won't bother you when your chasing after your runaway R/C
-Weight, It's like no other temp gauge
-Belp Clip, Somtimes when the gauge is on your wrist it gets in the way with the belt clip its right at your side for easy access.
-The Price! For only $30 you can have the smallest temp guage I've seen.


The Downs:
-Don't know how to switch's modes. No supplied instructions.

The Comparison
Here is a side by side shot of the older “Microtemp” and the newer “Mini Temp”

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