Tekno Shock Standoffs

tekno shock standoffs

Tekno has just announced a set of Tekno shock standoffs, that when used with the Tekno shock bushings (TKR8730), allow the shock only to pivot between the standoff and the bushing which in turn moves the wear surface to the bushing itself and increasing the life of the cap.

Tekno Shock Standoff Features

  • Reduced shock cap wear.
  • Extended length shock tower mounting posts.
  • Keyed surface that can be used with our 5.5mm wrench (TKR1119).
  • Made from high-quality steel.
  • Fits all Tekno RC 1/8th scale vehicles as well as the MT410 and SCT410.

These new shock standoffs must be used with our new keyed shock bushings (TKR8730).

Part Number:
TKR8727 – Shock Standoffs (2pcs, requires TKR8730)

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