Team Associated RC10 TC4

TC4 kit

Team Associated’s revolutionary TC3 set the benchmark for touring car performance and quickly became the choice of winning racers all over the world. The TC3’s race-proven shaft-drive design captured many national and international championships in the past few years, and has spawned numerous imitations. Now the Team is proud to introduce the next generation RC10TC4 Touring Car… the refinement of the proven TC3 racing platform, optimized with more precise tuning features, better balance, and greater durability. The TC4’s chassis has been designed with the batteries moved closer to the centerline of the car… a favorite TC3 modification of many Factory Team drivers. This “mass centralization” allows quicker directional transitions, and the narrower chassis provides more side-to-side roll clearance. The inline motor mounting system features an all-new machined aluminum motor mount which not only provides greater motor stability, but also functions as an integral heat sink to draw heat away from today’s hotter modified motors. An optional “Factory Team” TC4 chassis forced air duct system will be offered to provide even greater airflow to the motor…

Team Associated