Serpent 720 anti-roll bar

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Serpent 720 anti-roll bar

Serpent has just released news about their new softer action adjustable rear anti-roll bar for their Serpent 720 and other 1/8th scale cars. The new Serpent 720 anti-roll bar is a modification of the original adjustable rear anti-roll bar that comes standard with the Serpent 960 this version offers a wider range of adjustment. The new Serpent 720 anti-roll bar sports a large groove between the mounting points, the two blades now have more freedom to flex and are therefore softer.

Suitable for the Serpent 720 and all Serpent 1/8th scale cars, the anti-roll bar comes complete with mounting grub screws.

Part #: 803169 – Serpent 720 adjustable rear anti-roll bar soft.

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