Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9″ rock crawling tires

Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9" rock crawling tires

The new Pro-Line Racing Hyrax 1.9″ rock crawling tires are an aggressive, open tread pattern that is an all new design made to give your RC Scale Crawler maxium traction. The Pro-Line Hyrax tires features detailed connected tread on the sidewalls as well as stepped tread blocks to offer maximum forward gripping edges that dig into slick rock unlike any other Pro-Line rock crawling tire.

proline hyrax tire 10128

Pro-line Hyrax 1.9 tires features

  • All-new Ground up Design for Maximum Performance
  • Highly Detailed Sidewall for Scale Looks
  • Stepped Blocks & Multiple Sipes Create Unmatched Grip
  • Tackle tough terrain in Scale Style
  • Made from G8 material
  • Made in the USA

Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9″ Video

Part #: 10128-14
MSRP: $32.95

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