Novak HV 6.5 Brushless Motor

Novak HV Brushless Motor

Based on the industry-standard HV4400 brushless motor, the new Novak HV 6.5 (High Voltage) Brushless Motor (#3426) features two major performance upgrades. The most significant upgrade is the newly-engineered nickel-plated rotor, which is the core of the brushless motor. This new rotor improves motor acceleration, speed and brakes, is more durable, and is more resilient to heat. The second upgrade is the lightweight, aluminum ribbed end bells, which provide additional cooling by acting as a heat sink, efficiently removing excessive heat from the motor. The HV6.5 High-Voltage Brushless Motor is available individually (#3426), as well as in the popular HV High-Voltage Brushless System 6.5 (#3020).

HV6.5 High Voltage Brushless motor

Using sensor-based technology, the HV6.5 High-Voltage Motor provides awesome starting torque, low-speed driveability, and low cogging for smooth acceleration and smooth coasting. Also, along with the new nickel-plated rotor and aluminum ribbed end bells, the HV6.5 features yet another upgrade: an improved solder tab system. This is the same solder tab system that is used in Novak’s Velociti-series motors, which has received rave reviews. The new lower-resistant connectors allow for even more flexible soldering options, and are even more efficient and easy to use than the previous solder tabs — all while providing the lowest possible voltage drop, as well as easy and convenient power wire replacement.

Keeping the status quo

Some things are best left the way they are. This holds true for certain features of the HV6.5. One HV6.5 Brushless Motor still replaces the two brushed motors that are currently required to run the Traxxas E-Maxx. The beauty of using brushless technology is that it fuses power and efficiency to create one dynamic motor, which is a definite advantage when it comes to saving space on a chassis, or laboriously maintaining multiple motors. This efficient motor packs a powerful punch, providing users with ample power and torque. The HV6.5 will also work for most applications requiring an over-abundance of power at a higher input voltage such as the Kyosho Twin Force or the Tamiya TXT Trucks.


  • Nickel-plated rotor for improved performance
  • Aluminum ribbed end bells for additional cooling
  • Improved solder tab system for flexible soldering options
  • Easily fits in Traxxas E-Maxx, Kyosho® Twin Force, and Tamiya TXT Trucks
  • One HV6.5 brushless motor replaces two 550 brushed motors
  • Sensor-based technology for excellent low-speed driveability
  • Virtually Maintenance-free
  • Specifically designed for R/C vehicles
  • Completely enclosed motor
  • Provides longer run times and faster top speed compared to stock brushed system
  • Locked rotor & thermal protection
  • Excellent low-speed driveability
  • Low cogging
  • Ball bearings
  • Manufactured in the USA

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