Nitro RS4 MT 2 18SS

Nitro RS4 MT 2 18SS

#10441 Nitro RS4 MT 2 18SS Kit with Nitro MT-1 Truck Body (Clear)

New from HPI Racing is the powerful Nitro RS4 MT 2 18SS 1/10th scale truck. More power, more speed, and improved durability make it one of the fastest 1/10th scale 4WD trucks available. We’ve loaded the Nitro MT 2 18SS with a long list of our most popular high performance option parts, making it our highest performance stadium truck ever.

The heart of the truck is the powerful 18SS engine. Rated at 1.5 horsepower, the 18SS is a high torque, powerful engine with features that include aggressive porting, durable ABC construction, a large heat sink head, dual needle 6mm carburetor and a lightweight aluminum connecting rod. The large .18 cubic inch size gives it the punch and power that gives the Nitro MT 2 188SS a top speed in excess of 46 mph, with plenty of torque to easily handle the most extreme off-road conditions! But it’s not all about power, the 18SS engine is designed to be easy to start, easy to tune, and rock-steady reliable. It’s equipped with an easy to use recoil pullstarter and, for racing applications, can be bump started. A high flow tube header and dual chamber tuned pipe are mated to revised gearing, making the Nitro MT 2 18SS one of the most powerful 1/10th scale production trucks ever!

To handle the power, we’ve taken the proven long-stroke suspension and 4WD shaft drive system of the Nitro MT 2 and beefed it up with parts that are expensive hop-up parts on most trucks: heavy duty outdrives, heat treated differential gears, adjustable slipper clutch, heavy duty drive cups, universal joints, heavy duty axles and metal wheel hex hubs. Everywhere you look there are subtle changes that make the Nitro MT 2 18SS a serious machine. Adjustable stainless steel turnbuckles and steering joints are now standard equipment, as are high strength stainless steel hinge pins and alloy hinge pin braces. The unique universal joints found on the NMT 2 18SS feature an all-new “captured design” system that eliminates the set screw found on most universal dogbones, making them more reliable, easier to build, and making routine maintenance quick and easy. Our high grip “Dirt Bonz Jr.” tires and high-density foam inserts are included for excellent grip on dirt surfaces, mounted on race-inspired black wheels for a stealth “SS” look.

At the request of our customers, a larger 100cc fuel tank has been added. With nearly 35% more capacity than the previous 75cc tank, the new 100cc tank delivers extended run time. And, the new tank has been designed with a low profile, reducing the CG of the truck for excellent handling and jumping capabilities. For tuning consistency it’s a primerless design with a rubber o-ring sealed cap, internal fuel baffle, and a built-in ceramic fuel filter to help keep dirt and debris out of the carburetor.

The Nitro MT 2 18SS is offered in kit form, making it a popular choice for hobbyists that enjoy the experience and satisfaction of building the truck themselves. It’s provided with a clear Nitro MT-1 body that’s pre-trimmed for easy mounting. Pre-cut vinyl decals and window masks are included, with all of the lights, grills and logos needed to make the truck look great. No radio or electronics are included, giving the owner the opportunity to add the high performance radio equipment of their choice. The Nitro MT 2 18SS takes the 1/10th scale 4WD stadium truck to the next level, give one a try!

Powerful 18SS engine

High torque, 1.5 horsepower engine that is easy to tune and maintain. Perfect for “outlaw” class racers. One of the most powerful small block engines available!

100cc Fuel Tank

New large 100cc fuel tank for increased run time. Low profile design for improved handling.
Hardened metal differential gears

For long lasting, tough differentials.
Dirt Bonz Jr. tires

High grip rubber compound for maximum traction on off-road surfaces. 40% lighter for quick acceleration.
Adjustable body mounts

Quick, easy mounting for a wide variety of body styles.
Skid Plate Front Bumper

Angled nylon skid plate front bumper helps protect the truck on hard impacts and adds realistic looks.
Sealed/Removable Radio Tray

Removable radio tray for quick, easy and safe cleaning. The receiver cover protects electronics from the elements and spilled fuel.
Long Stroke Shocks

Long stroke shocks to soak up bumps and land smoother. New shock design allows for quick and easy shock rebuilding. Stiff shock springs for excellent handling.
Revised gear ratio

New gearing for a maximum top speed in excess of 46mph!
Universal Joints

All-new captured design universal joint – strong and easy to rebuild. The unique design eliminates the set screw found on most universal dogbones, making routine maintenance easier.
Stainless steel hinge pins

For durability and smooth suspension arm movement.
Thick 2.5mm chassis

Prevents flex for improved handling and strength.
Heavy duty clutchbell

Savage-style clutchbell design with dual sealed ball bearings for improved alignment, higher efficiency and extra durability.
Heavy duty outdrives

Stronger outdrives to handle the powerful 18SS engine.
Hardened metal final drive gears

Heat treated metal gears for extra durability. Revised gear ratio provides quicker acceleration and higher top speeds.
Purple Sealed Ball Bearings

Complete set of sealed ball bearings makes the drivetrain smooth, efficient and fast.
Cast Aluminum Hex Hubs

Metal wheel hubs replace plastic parts to help handle the extreme power of the 18SS engine.
Adjustable steel turnbuckles

Easy suspension adjustments for maximum performance and handling.
Heavy-duty chassis

Thick 2.5mm aluminum chassis prevents flex for consistent handling and extra durability. Built-in spur gear protector.
High Performance Exhaust

Composite dual chamber tuned pipe with high flow aluminum tube header.
Black Split 5 Truck wheels

Durable, high impact nylon wheels with race-inspired black color.
Shaft drive 4WD system

Proven tough shaft drive system with full time four wheel drive for excellent handling, durability and protection against rocks that can get stuck in the drivetrain of belt-driven cars.
Slipper Clutch

Prevents damage to the spur gear and drivetrain during extreme driving.
Composite tuned pipe and high flow aluminum header

High performance dual chamber tuned pipe and high flow aluminum header maximize power output for quick acceleration and high top speed.
Machined aluminum engine mounts

Precision machined aluminum keeps the engine cool, anodized purple for custom looks.
Clear Nitro MT-1 Body

Pre-trimmed clear body allows racers to custom paint their truck. Designed for a perfect fit on the Nitro MT 2 18SS chassis.
#10441 Nitro RS4 MT 2 18SS Kit with Nitro MT-1 Truck Body (Clear) EAN 4944258104416 $609

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