Much-more pinion gears

Much-More pinion gears

Each track requires a different blend of speed and power and new Muchmore pinions let drivers dial in exactly what they need to win! Designed for 1/8 scale and 4×4 short-course racing, these pinions fit all brushless motors with a 5 mm shaft.

Much-More Pinion Gear Features

  • Mode 1 pitch
  • Machined for smoother mesh – hardened for longer life and better wear
  • Marked with tooth count for easy reference
  • Set screw for fast, easy hex key installation and removal
  • 12- to 21-tooth range

Part #:
MMRC3812 – MX5PG12T Steel Pinion 5mm 12T
MMRC3813 – MX5PG13T Steel Pinion 5mm 13T
MMRC3814 – MX5PG14T Steel Pinion 5mm 14T
MMRC3815 – MX5PG15T Steel Pinion 5mm 15T
MMRC3816 – MX5PG16T Steel Pinion 5mm 16T
MMRC3817 – MX5PG17T Steel Pinion 5mm 17T
MMRC3818 – MX5PG18T Steel Pinion 5mm 18T
MMRC3819 – MX5PG19T Steel Pinion 5mm 19T
MMRC3820 – MX5PG20T Steel Pinion 5mm 20T
MMRC3821 – MX5PG21T Steel Pinion 5mm 21T

MSRP: $15.99

Muchmore pinions will be available mid-July.