LRP Vector X-12 brushless motor

Associated LRP Vector X-12

Check out Team Associated LRP new Vector X-12 brushless motor! LRP is claiming the LRP Vector X-12 is the new brushless motor to beat in high level racing competition. The LRP Vector X-12 is designed out of only two main parts and using just four screws, thus allowing you to access the replace the rotor of the LRP Vector X-12 while leaving the motor in the vehicle.

The LRP Vector X-12 is fully adjustable and replaceable which allows the Vector X-12 for precision sensor positing for more power, efficiency, throttle response, and torque. Plus, the new sintered 12.5mm size magnet and strengthened shaft further enhance the Vector X-12 motor's performance! The LRP Vector X-12 comes in a 8.5 turn to a 3.0 turn brushless motor setup.

LRP Vector X-12 break down

LRP Vector X-12 Features

  • Dismountable. Machined 7075-T6 aluminum can, short/light-weight design and maximum airflow.
  • Easy-solder Design. Heavy copper, multilayer PCB for lowest resistance.
  • PreciSensor System. Revolutionary precise senor positioning for best power, throttle and efficiency. Fully adjustable and replaceable.
  • Timing. Adjustable timing in clearly defined, reproducible steps with new molded timing inserts for same result every time.
  • O-Ring. Dampening and optimized bearing size for vibration-free operation.
  • 12.5 mm Magnet. All new sintered 12.5 mm magnet size and grade, for best efficiency and mid-range torque and new high strength shaft.
  • New Packed Stack. With minimized core losses for lowest temperature and higher efficiency.

Part #: LRP50652 – LRP Vector X-12 8.5turn brushless motor
MSRP: $129.99

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