LiPo Battery Specification Amendment

Roar Racing

ROAR 1:8 LiPo Battery Specification Amendment. The 1:8 Electric Racing Classes are an emerging form of our sport. Our responsibility in ROAR Leadership Role is to outline a set of specifications which ensure a responsible growth and flexibility to leverage advancements based on the benefits they offer our users.

The Executive Committee, in accordance with our responsibility to ensure our Members, Organizers, and Affiliate Partners have access to provide the best Technology available for our members benefit, are issuing the following Revision to our 4S Battery Dimension Specifications. The change will allow our Affiliate partners to take advantage of a growing assortment of next generation LiPo cells for 1:8 Electric Racing, as well as the option using larger gauge wire in the assembly process. Rule is revising the Hardcase Length dimension from 160mm to 165mm.

4S Hardcase LiPo Dimension Spec

Current Rule Max Brick Style 4S Length: 160mm Width: 52mm Height: 52mm
Revised Rule Max Brick Style 4S Length: 165mm Width: 52mm Height: 52mm