Lightweight Center Driveline Kit for the B74 Series by Associated Factory Team

Associated Factory Team raises the bar in RC racing, unveiling their innovative Lightweight Center Driveline Kit for the popular RC10B74 series. This groundbreaking kit trims a significant 19.3g off the rotational mass, enhancing speed and agility.

Its ingenious design also incorporates plastic blades for dog bone pins and outdrives, which substantially reduces wear and tear, ensuring your vehicle lasts longer.

Take note, this kit shines in the 13.5T Spec class when paired with a center differential. However, it's not recommended for modified racing or when using a slipper clutch.

Compatible with RC10B74, RC10B74.1, RC10B74.1D, RC10B74.2, and RC10B74.2D models, this kit is all set to revolutionize your RC racing experience. Unleash speed and longevity like never before with Factory Team's new offering!

Part #: 92372 – RC10B74.2 FT Lightweight Driveline Center Kit