Hudy Engine Break-In Bench

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Hudy Engine Break-In Bench - front view

The Hudy engine break-in bench is the ultimate tool for easy, safe, and professional break-in of your .12/.15/.21 nitro engine. The Hudy engine break-in bench allows for a controlled break-in process that reduces wear & tear on engine components and increases performance, reliability, and longevity of your nitro engine. The Hudy engine break-in bench is constructed of top-quality components of tough aluminium and spring steel, the Hudy break-in bench comes partially assembled from the factory to get you breaking in your engine quicker and running sooner.

The Hudy engine break-in bench features a thick aluminum base plate with integrated clamps which allows quick, solid mounting on any workbench. Large protective propeller shroud safely covers the included prop. The Hudy engine break-in bench includes pre-assembled throttle linkage, universal engine mounts, large-capacity 125cc fuel tank, prop spinner, and all necessary hardware. Requires use of an electric drill (not included) to spin the prop. Break in your engine like the pros!

Part number: 104140

Hudy Engine Break-In Bench - back view

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