Savage X center skid plate from RPM

Savage X center skid plate from RPM

RPM has just released a center skid plate for the HPI Savage X. RPM realized protection is key to winning the battle against the elements. Stock HPI Savage / HPI Savage X trucks have a bare under chassis completely exposed to the most devastating of elements such as – rocks, asphalt, concrete, etc. RPM has what you need to armor your truck with bulletproof, molded RPM protection. RPM Savage / Savage X center skid plates completely cover the entire exposed center section of your Savage chassis.

The new mounting system for RPM's center skid plate mounts the RPM center skid without overlapping the stock front or rear skid plates. This type of mounting system means no low hanging lip to catch on rocks or anything else you might run over. Additionally, RPM skid plates are the only available skid plates that have transmission clearance molded in. By keeping the skid plate off of the transmission, direct impacts to the underside of the truck have a significantly reduced chance of damaging the expensive and hard to get to transmission. The RPM HPI Savage / HPI Savage X center skid completely covers the underside of the truck, adding RPM bulletproof protection to the stock TVPs, brake disk, and driveline as well. RPM skid plates come pre-packaged with all of the necessary mounting hardware you need to bolt these up to your ride. RPM HPI Savage / HPI Savage X center skid plates are molded in RPM's bulletproof blend of nylons and are backed by RPM's industry-leading warranty – you break it they replace it!

Part #'s:
82172 – Savage Center Skid Plate – Black
82175 – Savage Center Skid Plate – Blue
82178 – Savage Center Skid Plate – Purple
82192 – Savage X Center Skid Plate – Black
82195 – Savage X Center Skid Plate – Blue
82198 – Savage X Center Skid Plate – Purple

MSRP: $14.95

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RPM Savage center skid plates - black and blue