Resealable HPI Parts Bags

HPI reusable parts bag

HPI Racing is has redesigned their hpi parts bags with a great graphic design and even better making them reusable for other projects and storage. The new bags are resealable using a tough zipper style closure. It’s a win win, HPI’s parts will now be displayed at the LHS in a great looking, crystal clear front bag and you also have something that can be reused instead of just being thrown away.

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HPI Crawler King 1973 Ford Bronco

hpi crawler king

HPI is releasing an update to their Crawler King / Wheely King truck with the HPI Crawler King with a 1973 Ford Bronco body. The HPI Crawler King features 6″ of suspension travel and fitted with sticky HB Rover tires it can take whatever your off-road adventures can dish out! The included waterproof protection ensures you won’t get stuck carrying the Crawler King back to your campsite and the included 1973 Ford Bronco body is pre-painted in a retro scheme for a super-cool vintage style!

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