Horizon H-Cell 2.0 hydrogen fuel cell

Horizon’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell r/c car

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies begin shipments of the world's first miniaturized hydrogen fuel cells and refueling stations for use in R/C cars. Named “H-Cell 2.0”, the unique hobby-scale fuel cell power kit replicates the function of real-scale zero emission hydrogen power trains being developed by the world's leading automotive manufacturers. The hybrid power kit is also adaptable to other electric vehicles, including robots and boats, greatly extending their normal run times.

Hydro cell

The new H-CELL 2.0 is a step-change in Hobby RC design. Two HYDROSTIK each carrying about 12Wh of energy or 10L of hydrogen are integrated to the fuel cell electric power-train on either side of the chassis, enhancing weight distribution on board the car. The result: a fast R/C car with 3 to 4 times the endurance of its conventional battery-based vehicles!

As in real-scale hybrid hydrogen-electric cars being engineered today, a smaller-size lithium battery provides peak power for accelerations and fast speed requests from the brushless motor, while the fuel cell provides cruise power and recharges the battery for extended run times.

The fuel cartridge used in the new H-cell is called HydroSTIK, it has a battery-like form factor and contains a special metal alloy that allows hydrogen to be stored in a solid-state, as part of the metal alloy matrix inside the cartridge. In contrast with ordinary compressed hydrogen tanks, the pressure inside the canister is very low (under 10 bars in normal temperature conditions, and not exceeding 20 to 30 bars at elevated temperatures), making this device the safest and most practical means of storing hydrogen. The HydroSTIK has the additional advantages of being refillable (from pressurized gas bottles, or from water-electrolysis based devices). Each HydroSTIK can store 12Wh of energy, and with two located on either side of the new H-cell power-train, about 30L of hydrogen can be stored on-board the model scale vehicle.

The HydroFILL is a “world-first” small-scale home hydrogen station that allows you to refill solid state canisters in a simple way, using water and electricity as only input. By adding water, and plugging the HydroFILL into a electrical wall-socket (or a solar panel), hydrogen can be generated by means of electrolysis, and captured in a solid form into our HydroSTIKS – automatically. Horizon has also adapted a solar panel kit which is able to power the production of hydrogen using renewable energy – thereby creating renewable fuel for the model scale vehicle.

Hydro cell kit

  • 30W PEM fuel cell with integrated LED fans
  • 4 HydroSTIK's (solid-state H2 storage)
  • 2 Aluminum pressure reducers
  • Electronic control box
  • Tubing and connectors
  • Electronic valves
  • Integration board
  • Assembly manual