Futaba 4PX Software Update, version 1.2

Futaba 4PX

If you own a Futaba 4PX radio system, you’ll want to upgrade to the newly released Futaba 4PX software update version 1.2.

The new update comes with a number of changes as well as improves the wireless communication quality in addition version 1.2 also modifies features found on the Futaba 4PX:

  • Dual rate setting affects not only a steering channel but also a steering 2 channel.
  • Position of the throttle trigger to start a timer is changed to 50%.
  • The grip vibrator is activated at not only an alarm time but also a navi alarm time.
  • Repeating trim operation is temporally stopped when a value assigned the trim reach zero position.

Download the Futaba 4PX software version 1.2 update here and get the upgrade instructions here.

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