Wl toys 124019 How to remove this spinney boy screw ?

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Hi guys
After a few driveway runs I decided I would look into greasing my car like is recommended.
5 screws into taking off body bracket I ran into the spinneyboy.
When I go to un screw it , it spins and so does the screw in the bottom of the car.
When I put a screwdriver on the screw in the bottom it turns the same way so I can't hold it.
I screwed in the bottom screw as tight as I felt I could and it still didn't hold enough to break the top one free.
I'm sure I'll have to deal with this in the future so what do I do here ? Lock-Tight the bottom screw maybe ?
It seems I can take off that part the screw is spinning in but its a lot of work and I don't know if it will help me get the screw out so figured id check here first.
New to the hobby btw.

I made some progress and can now access all the screws I need.
Removed the bottom screw and the upper steering brace.
I would need to remove the arms that I've never done before to get it all loose to have a look at why that screw wont come out.


Follow up
I knew it was coming but I was still shocked to see how this came greased.
Going to stuff some Lucas Red n Tacky in there.


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