Which fuel to use?

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I was just wondering which % of fuel is best for my engine. I 've been using 10% nitro fuels for my trucks, from the beginning, then i was told by my friends neighbor that it isn't good to use it. I was wonderig what your thoughts are on the subject, so far I have not had any bad expereience with the fuel that I use. Thanks in advance for any input, talk to you guys later.
I use 20% nitro and always have so far, more power than 10% and the engine will run a little cooler too. But remember if you change % you have to rebreak in the engine.
Personally I run Trinity Monster Power Blend 20% in all of my trucks. However, if you have a fuel that you are happy with and have not had any problems, then I say stick with it.

I have tried a couple of other fuels also. Blue Thunder works good also. I didn't like the O'Donnel fuel b/c it burned my eyes and nose.
Cool fuel?

I had read somewhere that 20% nitro fuel will make your engine run hotter, not cooler, can someone please explain why that is.
If your motor will run faster and harder with 20% will it not also produce more heat? I would like to try 20% but I want to know what it will do to my engine first. Thanks for all the inputs.
As far as I know the higher the nitro % the cooler it will run but it will be harder fine tune the higher you go in nitro %. I have used Traxxas top fuel and Blue Thunder in my OS and imo the Blue thunder was a much better fuel, it ran better, seemed to have more power over all, and idled better than it did with the Traxxas fuel.

This link may help you answer all your questions. Hope this helps.

NCNitro, that is an excellent article. I had read it before and couldn't remember where. Thanks for the link.
VERY good article NCN.

I personally run Odonnle 20% in all my mills. One thing I have found to be a plus is starting your new mills with what you plan on running. In other words, new mill, 20% goes in even for breakin. As long as you oil content is 18% or greater then you will be fine.

If you do decide to switch up fuels, re-breakin your engine. It helps you find your tuning sweet spot.