what do you think of the trx?

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what do you think? i think that its a powerfull engien, and if it didnt run so hot, it could get more power, but it definitly needs a new head.. what do you think..

btw, its non ported ones:rolleyes: :beard:

I run a trx stock engine with a Hobby Shop NJ big tube header and a AE tuned pipe and love it. Lots of power and its pretty darn fast.

I'm only running it coz my os is at the warernty place LOL
Port it...or have it ported...

Bill Hoskinson does the best porting I've seen yet...he sent me an engine...I'm working on the review - it is AMAZING, it blew my OS CR-RX away...
pos. I've never seen more probs from so many different people.
very hard to tune. they run pretty good if you can get one going.
get an os.
Sorry to traxxas but i don't really like there TRX .15 but everything else that they do make it TOPS , Does neone know about the traxxas blue tuned pipe or what do u think about it ?
If the TRX didn't run so hot it would be an alright engine:banana:
yea, cool down MR trx, then people will like you LOL eat a bannana:banana:
I think with a little more attention to details, and a better cooling head it could be a strong engine. But they run waaaaay too hot. I can't wait to get my new OS installed!!!:banana:
Retread316 why is hebron not showing any maxx stuff anymore,does he have a new site for them.i have told people before about Bill but for me no joy cos he will not ship to this side of the pond.
I don't think there is anything wrong with the TRX except the temp. It is easy to tune, and puts out good power.

I haven't run any other engine, so maybe this would change if I did.

No real complaints here. I haven't had tuning troubles. At least no more than other engines I've run. May be low on power. But it's still fun. Isn't that the point? BTW, I just ported mine. Don't see a huge difference yet. Still fun.
I think the TRX is a great motor learn the T-Maxx with. I found it easy to tune, holds a tune great, and it's got enough spunk to keep you interested. PLUS, you can port it and get much more power from it.
The TRX is a good basher engine but for racing I would pick an OS or Fantom any day.
If you want to cool it down put a Hardcore Mutant Head on it. They make 'em for the TRX and the OS. Run it as hard as you want, bring it in, and put your hand on the head for about as long as you want. It is well worth the money.
I have the TRX in my Nitro Sport and that thing really hauls!! The trick with the NS was to remove the baffle from the carb. It's like night and day. I still keep the baffle so I can let a less experienced R/C'er try it out. But really, I like the TRX. I haven't had any problems tuning it. I'm going to switch back to the TRX in my Maxx becasue my little OS .12 just ain't puttin out the ponies.
Its a good engine, the only reason i changed to a Fantom was because it always leaked behind the flywheel.
was it leaking from early on berra,cos it should not do that much.you hadn`t had it that long had you before getting the fantom?
Berra, now that you've tried the TRX and the Fantom, What do you think of the Fantom?
I have heard the Fantom is a high end engine, hence the 40,000 rpms, while the OS is a low end grunt engine. I'll tell you what my OS grunts like a stuck pig, lol :D

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