What could be causing a (high-pitched) squeaking sound coming from my Shredder when I brake?

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I have about 3 hours run time on my Shredder. It just started making a high pitched sound when the brakes are applied or when it's running backwards and the throttle direction is changed to going forward. The sound is like a sharp squeak that increase in frequency and lasts about half a second. On the bench it sounds like the noise is coming from the motor/spur gear area but it's really hard to identify the actual location. (Could an ESC make this kind of sound?)



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Tough call without having the car to look at, but it almost sounds like a bad mesh on the gears.


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I decided as a newbie, to return the car via free Amazon Shipping and get a full refund. I still like the way the Shredder runs, when it runs. My other problem was it only ran for 15 minutes, then stoped from overheating. ( I think the problem is "a bad mesh on the gears", as Rolex stated above.)


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I had a bad motor on my Stampede. Had to get a warranty motor/ Smoke billowing, illuminated by the headlites was a bad sign.


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I had already "Heisenburged" the rig, after testing it in my house. Once I plugged in an 11.1 3s lipo, smoke show. That's why I insisted on a DIY motor, rather than send the rig back. I didn't want Traxxas stealing my exhaust fire light idea.


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Id suspect a few things its just tracking them down.. in pic the motor looks a little high in the front but pics can look deceiving it can show weird angles that aren't there. id also check the bearing in drive line from motor to wheel. I've heard esc make some strange noises. Worst it the pop of hiss..

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