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Military Veteran
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Went through Paris Island in the summer of 91 then MCT and to Camp Lejeune and to Newport News reserve station from there.


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Lexington, KY
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@griff7373 sorry for not getting this done yesterday. I've added the banner to your account. Thank you for your service.


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I want to give a big heartfelt thanks to one and all for your service...I work at WPAFB supporting both our Military personnel and civilian engineers. I'm not prior military myself but I have the utmost respect for all of our active military and our Vets. My dad was a Vietnam vet and one of my oldest friends is an 19 year veteran of the police force. Nuthin' but love for yall!


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El Dorado Hills, CA
Did my basic training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina and then went to Ft. Hood, Texas for MP training. Spent my time shooting targets and directing traffic till a back injury sidelined me. No, maybe it was shooting traffic and drawing targets. Tough call. Seems like such a long time ago. Come to think of it, it WAS a long time ago.
Finished out my time in an air conditioned office. :)


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Military Veteran
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Bashing, Racing
Retired 24 years ARNG. A couple activation's and deployed for Operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom.


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My dad served in the Marines during WWII. Joined in'43, served a 3 year hitch, got out in '46. He lived from 1914 to 1975. Proud of you pop. Still miss you.


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Military Veteran
I know we are missing some of you, so check in here!

Make an introduction, tell us a bit about your Service if you'd like, then I can also make sure you have your View attachment 76270 tag added to your profile!

We thank you all for your sacrifices and service.

Active Duty members please check in here.
Hello all and thank you for accepting me to this forum for this fun hobby -

I served in the US Army, 25th Infantry Division (Tropical Lightning) and 101st Airborne Division for 7 years as an IIB (Infantryman), M-60 Machine Gunner - I am Airborne and Air Assault qualified with an EIB - Reached the rank of E-5 and have been out over 20 years -
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Active Military
South Korea
Joined in 1994 and went to basic at Ft. Benning, GA (11M=Mech Infantry) JAN 94 then 1st duty station at Ft. Hood, TX from JUL 1994-NOV 1995 (Went TDY to Panama for a few months during my time at Hood), then to Camp Casey, S. Korea from NOV 1995-JAN 1997 then ETS for 4 years. I came back in JAN 2001 and reclassed (change jobs) to Aviation. Ft. Eustis, VA from JAN 2001-JUL 2001. PCSed to Ft. Campbell, KY from AUG 2001-FEB 2003, then Daegu, S. Korea from MAR 2003-MAR 2004, then back to Campbell from MAR 2004-MAY 2018, YES!!! 14 years at Campbell. And now I'm at Camp Humphreys, S. Korea with my family.


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Bashing, Flying
Welcome to the forum. I spent 22 months of my time at Fort Hood, Texas. Are you about ready to retire?
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